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Listen to Folk Directions live online, Thursdays, 9:00–11:00am (eastern), by copying and pasting the following link into the address bar of your audio application: or, by clicking here.

If you have iTunes, simply click on Radio in the iTunes' Sidebar, choose College / University, and select CKUT.

Listen to archived shows (S) and view their respective playlists (P)

October 7 S | P   14 S | P

September 2 S | P   9 S | P   16 S | P   23 S | P   30 S | P

August 5 S | P   12 S | P   19 S | P   26 S | P

July 1 S | P  8 S | P  15 S | P   22 S | P   29 S | P

June 3 S | P    10 S | P    17 S | P   24 S | P

May 6 S | P   13 S | P   20 S | P    27 S | P

April 1 S | P   8 S | P   15 S | P   22 S | P   29 S | P

Note: The way differing systems handle the file, download links may vary, depending on one's settings, and the browser and media player being used. On some systems, merely clicking on the link will download the file to the hard drive, while on others, it will start to stream without downloading. In those instances, right-clicking on the file should provide the option to save the content.

Because archive timing is only to the minute, there may be a delay of some seconds before the end of the previous show and the beginning of Folk Directions.

Many thanks for your support during this year's CKUT funding drive. Anyone may support Folk Directions by contributing any time during the year using CKUT's secure online pledge form.